What Storms May Come - Rose's Story Continues

With a ring on her hand, a suitcase that will barely close, and a handsome man at her side, Rose Millican heads home in the pouring rain after an unbelievable weekend of both love and loss. And though she faces her future with a smile, the past is never far behind her, never letting her forget. Her work partner and fellow photographer at The Bride's Side Magazine, Frank Harrington, is the man in her future. But there's still a man in her past, Trevor Barton, a high school acquaintance with whom she recently had a whirlwind love affair after the death of her closest friend, Lily Harwell. Rose now returns home from an assignment where she and Frank photographed Trevor's lavish wedding to Stephanie Ryder, and assumes it was her last time to see Trevor…but fate soon places them together and they are forced to face their feelings for each other once more. Just as Rose finally feels confident in the path she has chosen, ready to conquer goals and fulfill dreams, those around her suddenly question where they are in their own lives, and their unpredictable decisions begin to shape her destiny as she never imagined. For comfort and hope, Rose still relies on the connection she feels with Lily, whom she believes is her guardian angel now, but also cherishes the sage advice from her boss and confidant, Jeannie Cooper. Once afraid of the rain of obstacles life brought her way, Rose now bravely confronts her ever-changing world, a stronger woman than she knew, as she struggles with the storms in her life.